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Instagram Cutie Michelle Lewin Rethinks Magnificence With Muscles In All The Right Spots

Published by Rohit Kumar on

When you think of hot girls on the beach, you probably think about them working on their tan while sipping on some margaritas. But, then you come across someone like Michelle Lewin and your definition of the ‘perfect bikini body’ changes completely. We used to think we liked Kate Upton but now, Michelle Lewin is the only one on our minds. Just look at that beautiful piece of art she calls a body:

michelle lewin

Remember those days when you used to wake up at 6 am just so you could watch hot girls ‘workout’ on TV? Well, Michelle takes us right back to our childhood. We wouldn’t be able to sleep all night if we knew we were working out with her in the morning:

michelle lewin

This guy probably gets paid a bomb to style her. We mean, she has over 12 million followers on Instagram, she’s certainly earning a lot. But, we’d gladly do it for free just so that we could be around her all day:

But don’t think she’s only about bodybuilding. There are many other sides to her too. She could easily be a supermodel. But, she already has more followers than most supermodels. So she’d probably consider that a downgrade:

Just because she works out all through the day doesn’t mean she can’t go out with her girls at night. Just look at the dress she chose:

We absolutely hate the guy who gets to wake up to this image:

Hopefully one day, one of us will get lucky enough to actually meet her. Hopefully. For now, we’ll have to settle for her Instagram account. There are over a thousand posts. More than enough for us to ‘workout’ tonight. Enjoy:

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