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Spinach For Weight Loss And Other Health Benefits

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Spinach For Weight Loss

Spinach For Weight Loss When it comes to weight loss there are so many diet plans out there which promise quick weight loss. You need to find the right diet and exercise to lose weight. But there are certain foods which can aid the weight loss process. One such food option which you can try to lose weight faster is spinach. Spinach For Weight Loss can speed up the weight loss process and make it easier for you to shed those extra kilos. All you need to do is add just one cup of spinach and let the extra body fat leave you alone. Spinach is rich in insoluble fibre which is the key element which helps in weight loss. A study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health evaluated the use of spinach for weight loss. The study examined a few women who were on a three-month weight loss plan. The study further elaborated women who consumed 5 grams of spinach every day recorded 43 per cent greater weight loss than others.

Spinach For Weight Loss

Spinach For Other Health Benefits

To lose weight you need to consume fewer calories and one cup of spinach contains just 7 calories. Insoluble fibre will keep you full for longer and the calories will not get absorbed in the body. So, spinach will provide you with enough fibre and keep the calories in control. Add a cup of spinach to your daily diet and you will see the difference in few days. The high-fibre content will keep you full for longer and will restrict you eating too many calories. Skip those unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks and choose a cup of spinach over it.

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Other health benefits of spinach1. It is loaded with nutrients

Spinach is one of the healthiest green leafy vegetables. It is loaded with some essential nutrients. One cup of spinach will provide you protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamin A. You must add spinach to your daily diet. Add it to a salad or you can also prepare something with it.

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Potassium plays a key role in managing blood pressure levels. The potassium content of spinach will help you lower your blood pressure levels. It will reduce the effect of sodium which is the main contributor to high blood pressure.

Weight Loss: Spinach can help you manage blood pressure and body weightPhoto Credit: iStock

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Fibre keeps the digestive health intact. Spinach is loaded with fibre which can help you maintain good gut health. A cup of spinach a day is enough to promote your digestive health.4. It will promote bone health

Vitamin K and calcium in spinach will ensure healthy bones. You will experience better bone health after regular consumption of spinach. Your bones will be less prone to fractures.

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